Sunday, April 29, 2012

Very special day part 2

AFTER our special morning we brought one of aydens buddies home from church and were joined by two more. We took them to see the new Disney nature movie Chimpanzee. I highly recommend it! It was beautiful. If you love adoption, animals, babies or daddies it is a MUST see. So good. Ayden is now in star wars heaven with his friend an I'm sitting here staring at enough cake to feed 20 people. Sheesh. What a wonderful day! We are so blessed. I am so grateful to see God moving in my children's hearts and providing us such a great church family to grow in.

{ Simply Party theme ideas: Movie Party.Invite a small number of friends, arrange child care for young or difficult siblings, pull out all the stops at the theatre- save money by bringing paper bags to separate a large popcorn into- refill for free at many theatres. Have cake at home before or after. If you do cake before you came kids home after the movie which is an easy transition. We passed out theatre box candy instead of favors. Ours was super casual and we invited our guests in person and on the phone, but a cute invitation would be to make your invitation look like a movie ticket. }

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