Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Simply:: {Pinterripped}

For the past nine months or so I've been playing with a little website you have probably NEVER heard of. Right. NOT. Pinterest has taken over my blogging time just like most of you. While part of me is concerned that Pinterest is turning blog land into a world of people who just flip the pages and look at the pictures instead of reading the articles... ahem... I find great value in the way pinterest has allowed me to organize my inspirations. I have found some etiquette to be necessary though. 1. Avoid the porn. It pops up more and more often these days, but I find sticking to following real friends or trusted bloggers helps keep the mostly naked people off your page. 2. Don't look at Pinterest with your kids around for the before said reason. 3. Delete previous titles or comments on pictures you repin. It gets confusing when you tell me that tutu looked great on your great niece Doris and you are still in high school.  4. Try to repin things you have actually clicked through to the source on. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a great pin and it leads to nowhere... or somewhere you did not want to end up! and 5. Always, always, always, always, always, always, always (get the point?) TRY your darndest to repin the original pin and give credit to the original artist or blog it came from if you share it on your blog or facebook! People with real creative ideas should get the credit.. not someone who happened to pin it first or steal it for their own blog first. That being said the saying is "imitation is the highest form of flattery." I'll be sharing some of my favorite pinterripped ideas and tricks. I'll do my best to give you the original pin, but please forgive me if I make a mistake! I am setting up a Meme Simply pinterest page just for you! I'll let you know when its all ready! For now here are a couple links to real life blogs that I've found through Pinterest and am over the moon excited about.

photo: Iheartnaptime.net
Sand Buster: Use baby powder to get sand off of skin at the beach park or by the backdoor. Works flawlessly. Jamielyn over at i {heart} nap time posted this and It is brilliant! We now keep a baby powder container in the same place we keep bug spray and sunblock . Thank you Jamielyn!! Be careful searching for this on Pinterest and try to post from her blog.This is a super popular pin and lots of them click through to sales sites and adware sites. This link goes straight to the blog :-).

Simply's Easter ham, 2010
Pineapple Flowers: the blog this comes from is not even English speaking, but a lot of her tutorials are all in photo.. which I speak well. These pretty little details would make an upside down cake, Hawaiian buffet or Easter Ham all lovely. I think my pretty little Easter Ham turned out great! As I grow older I am learning that the little details, even the really simple and easy ones can turn an event from so so to really special. It usually takes very little, a tablecloth here, or flowers from the yard there, to help your home feel more inviting. These Pineapple flowers were super simple to make. Her picture tutorial is enough, but my version would say to trim the spines off your pineapple. Use a melon baller to scoop out random divits in the flesh of the pineapple so the edges are uneven like petals. The slice the pineapple all the way through very thinly. Dry the slices as best you can and then bake at a low temp. As the slices get dryer they will get crisper. While still pliable, move them to either the backside of a muffin tin, or the inside. (Spray really well wih pam!) hey will turn a bit darker around the edges and look so lovely with cupcakes, a ham, around vegetables or whatever your pinapple loving self desires!

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