Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy birthday firstborn

9 years ago today at 7:58 pm, joined by four precious young women, after 24 hours of labor, God helped me bring into this world an 8 lb 10 oz, beautiful baby boy. He had a loud cry and a full head of long blond hair. I spent the entire night holding my precious bundle only handing him over occasionally to the nurses who came to came to check in on him. I remember the quiet. The strange silence of the hospital as I breathed him in and talked to God. How would I go from being a 21 year old crazy minded college student to being a mom? How would I get through graduation and then move on to life? How long would we be alone? How would I not mess this up? Why would God allow me such a beautiful blessing when so many of my godly friends who made wise choices struggled with infertility? It was a long night, full of questions and wonder and joy and fear and above all grace. You see, our creator loves his people. He made us for relationship, and there is no bond greater than mother and child. Because of my Fathers great love for me, this precious child - This unbelievable miracle - was mine. For as long as God allows.
Today I was planning on this post to end in the announcement of his baptism. In the celebration of Aydens own confession and commitment to the Lord. We still celebrate, but my sweet one woke up with an amazing fever. Flu. But despite the disappointment ( we were also going to formally join our church today) God continues to grace us. My parents got to spend yesterday with him while he was in good spirits, and I have recieved such sweet phone calls and messages from friends that remind me that our God wants good things for us. Ayden is rejoicing that although he missed his birthday party he got out of the scary standardized test that has been giving him anxiety- and we can celebrate with friends next weekend.
I am so thankful for every day God has given me with my son. He will always be the one that made me a mommy. The one God used to remind me that through it all I belong to Him- and that even when it gets hard... Like the days we wake up with flu ... we can remember "as a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you " Isaiah 66:13


  1. oh, how i love the last picture. so young, both of you. and now, to know the way God has grown you and blessed you. very very sweet. Alot of hope in that shot! ;-)
    love ya, leslie

  2. Happy birthday, Ayden! Hard to believe it's already been 9 years. So glad I made it back from the ER in time to be there for your birth. Ha! You've done a fabulous job raising him, Em.