Thursday, July 29, 2010

duh-duh-duh-duh Dentist....

Today was D day around here. Dentist day. It was Mudbugs first and Eagles second visit. When Eagle was four and we were on government health care we took him in and he was traumatized. They insisted on attempting to do sealants.. on a non compliant four year old! (The Dentist today didnt even mention them...) SCAM. Your children do not need sealants at four years of age. Just because a clinic can charge the government to make more money by holding down your baby and scaring the bejeezus out of them... whew. (Taking a hormonal breather)... Anyway. Like I said. He was traumatized and refused to go back in. We would have gone last summer but of course there was the big lay off issue so we did not :-). Today I went with the less is more aproach. I told them last week in passing that we had a Dentist appointment. Reminded them last night and then we just went. Mudbug was super excited. He wanted to have his teeth counted. He fought to go back before they called us. "I'll go by myself. You can stay here, and Eagle. I go, you stay, okay?" We all went back, together. Our little troop. He got right up in the chair and opened wide. They were even able to give him a good cleaning. He especially LOVED the sucker tube thingy. As he was being examined big brother got a silly grin on his face and leaned into me and whispered "thats not so bad." Nope. So when it was his turn he did AWESOME as well. Got x-rays and a cleaning and flouride treatment too. No cavities :-). The Dentists oohed and ahhed and said he was doing a great job brushing. So I felt a little better about taking so long to get him in. Now to confess how long its been since I went. Lets just say it was in my teens and leave it at that. The boys got goodie bags. I could tell the Dentist does not get that many young patients. There were helium balloons, full packaged prizes like you would buy at the dollar store. Mudbug got a bubble set with bubbles and all kinds of different blowers. Eagle got a miniature frisbee shooter. And of course tooth brushes, toothpaste and floss you pull out of a shark. Something tells me I wont get a goodie bag when I finally drag myself in. I will though. At least I'll start by making an appointment for after the baby comes. After all.... "its not so bad"......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Absence makes the blog grow fonder....

or something like that. Its been a while. I know. My facebook page has seen all the action lately, but don't be sad. We'll be gettin back to business soon! I cant find my camera charger... again. Seriously, I need a camera that self charges. One would think technology would already have a solar camera.. or one that uses people energy. So for now I'll you some snap shots of what I have.. to tell in a very modified version the extensive list of all that is happening around here!
We spent the fourth of July with my parents. Hubby had to work so we also celebrated Mudbugs birthday early. We kept with the Toy $tory theme and I made a cake with some little figurines and he had a blast. The next weekend for our actual birthdays we went and saw De$spicable Me. After laughing our bums off I bought the two of us individual cupcakes and we celebrated. Just the two of us. :-). On my 29th birthday Baby Sprout turned 29 weeks old (gestational). He is still right on target to make his grand entrance at the end of September. Eagle has been on vacation in CO with his Dad. For THREE whole weeks. I'm starting to miss him in a major way, but am confident he is enjoying himself. While he was gone and Hubby was gone working I took the opportunity to CRAFT. Like I haven't crafted in years. I made almost all of Sprouts bedding, except for finishing his quilt. 
 And thanks to some provision-like-only-God-can-provide I was able to buy his crib mattress and bassinet. Here is my favorite part of his bassinet. The very cool story is that money has been tight due to some lack of payment from the company that Hubby works for. I have been concerned about getting all the baby stuff lined up, especially bedding. Because sleep is important for new parents:-). We have always borrowed a bassinet so I've never needed one. One day a few weeks ago Targit sent me a coupon for a 20$ gift card for opening a registry. Awesome. The same week I got a check in the mail for 140$ overpayment on Mudbugs ear tube surgery almost two years ago! So I went shopping. This play yard/bassinet was on clearance! Its perfect and adorable and super functional. I was able to get it and the crib mattress with the God money :-). Thank you Lord for considering my baby's sleep.

It feels like there is so much more to blog about.. like all the potty training, job hunting, friend making, pool swimming, heat avoiding, muffin baking, Dr. Visiting, yard not attending, wasp exterminating, rat in the backyard ignoring, STUFF that has been happening this summer. But for now I'll leave with these. And forgive me for the strange formatting. I'm not used to the new Blogger photo adding issues and its throwing me off a bit. And quite frankly I'm not in the mood to work with it :-). So there it is... a super condensed where we are at :-).

**Update: was able to spread the joy even further when I found out this week that the play yard had been discounted another 20$. YAY. Returned it and re purchased it and left with cash in hand. **