Monday, April 26, 2010

Boy mom

today was my 18 week ultrasound. Much anticipated, Lucas had the day sceduled as off for himself. Unfortunately a job last weekend went bad so he had to work. It turned into a blessing though because I was forced to find a sitter for Ayden. I asked my friend Kelly otherwise known as critter playdate mom. She prayed for me before hand and helped settle some of my fears. I think with each pregnancy I have grown in experience and wisdom. I know now so much more than that first time. Sadly now I know how
many things can go wrong. I know too many people people who have had devastating developmental problems with their babies. Good people who have lost infants. I trust my God. I believe he has good things for this baby health or not. That being said the ultrasound went well. The sonographer was happy the whole time and chatty leaving me to believe she saw nothing unordinary. Our baby weighs about 11 oz and is definitely a BOY. Yup baby boy number three. He was stretched out all the way and snuggled up into the placenta. He was calm and his heartrate was lower than the bigger boys typically was. (138). He likes his hands up by his face and his head pushed into my bladder ( explains why I'm awake at 11,1,3 and 6 ) . We are not broadcasting his name yet because I'm not ready too :-). We were given a DVD of the exam. Ayden says he could watch it forever and balin thinks I have yucky fish in my belly. I think it made this real for Ayden tonight because he wanted to say goodnight to his brother by name. This is all becoming very real. Maternity pants are a must. My sciatic nerve hurts like the dickens and my ribs feel like there's , well a baby inside :-). We are excited and feel blessed that God trusts us with the raising of three little men. Boys who will grow up to hopefully lead Godly families. May he find us faithful!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've missed you old friend

it has been months since I woke up and felt like having a cup of coffee. Months since morning was anything other than miserable. The past few weeks have been improving and I've even made a couple runs to the coffee shop. Yesterday though after having my drink remade twice and still not walking away with what I ordered I realized I needed to be reaquainted with an old friend. I know it's just a coffee maker. But this companion has seen me through some tough moments. It encourages me helps me stay calm and often helps me turn to the Lord. A coffee maker? Haven't I made an idol? There's been lots of talk in my life group at church lately about how to go deeper with our walk. For me a big key into that is habit. I love curling up. In the morning with a cup of coffee and my bible in a favorite spot. In LA that was on our tiny patio in my chair. I haven't had that here yet and I've struggled. Now I know that being dependent on coffee for my quiet times is s bad thing. But my quiet times have struggled for many more reasons than a cup of coffee. Today we started the routine again and it feels nice. My friend and I. Nice to see you again.