Thursday, April 19, 2012

As you wish

If you've been visiting around here for very long at all, then you know I make cakes. I do not make them for money. This is simply a hobby and usually done only for my family. It takes a lot of love to put in the hours these cakes require- but I LOVE to love with sugar. My sweet first born turns NINE on Sunday. Here's a short cake history : aquarium, Thomas, treasure chest, superman cupcakes from Walmart { I was preggo}, a donut cake with giant sprinkles, ice cream cone cupcakes, neon dinosaurs, and last year penguin cake balls on a blue fondant iceberg. This year he has requested the earth. His birthday is earth day and for three years he has wanted to have an earth day themed birthday. Disney comes out with earth themed movies for earth day and we've wanted to go see one. This year it's finally happening! So the earth it is. This could go bad fast. At the moment I'm possibly ruining my mixing bowl trying to bake half a globe. I'm going to try making the other half out of rice krispie treat. Wish me luck, and someone get Walmart bake center on the phone for me just in case...

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