Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wednesday morning miracle!

I went to put Balin down for a nap this morning and LION was waiting on his pillow. Who knows where he was hiding, or how he came back.. but I am one happy Mama! (with a happy sleeping todller!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday, bloody Sunday

The AccidentSo yesterday afternoon I decided I REALLY just HAD to go to the Boardwalk. Lucas and I got the kids ready and went to Buffalo Wild Wings. (1.99 kids meals all day Sundays !) Then we rode the "Charlie" (trolley). then I just HAD to go into the linen store. Ayden was pouty and not paying attention and running around. I had been on him all night about it. All the sudden WHAM right into a support beam of some type. I didn't actually see it happen. He came cowering over to me holding his head and my first instinct was to start telling him "I told you so- stop running in stores!." Then I looked at his head and saw blood. Everywhere. We ran to the checkout girl who, while turning green, gave us some paper towels which got us to the bathroom. I had planned on cleaning him up a little but saw the wound and realized a trip to the ER was necessary! It was crowded, and as we sat there we people watched. What else do you do in an ER? The funny thing was that there were three other little boys who were all five or six with very similar injuries! All of them had some sort of rag or bandage on their head or face and were curled up in their daddy's arms. What is with five year olds and wanting to damage their heads??? We should be issued helmets for these two years. One little boy had gotten hit with a bat above his eye. One had stepped on some kid of sharp plastic in the mud in a neighbors backyard. Another had a large wound on his cheek. Ayden did great- well as great as he could. He was fine waiting... for hours and hours. As soon as the doctor got ready to do the "repair" he panicked. He all but ran out of the room so they had to bring out the papoose thing and strap his little body down. I was above his head, out of the docs way, but his face was pointed towards me and he was screaming "mommy help me, make it stop". Not fun.. but we survived and as soon as the lidocaine started working he was fine. He is very proud of the three STAPLES he now has on the side of his head. We wont be doing any sprinklers or running around until they come out though.

My Recommendation/ Lessons learned:
Lock your five and six year old boys in a padded room. do not let them out. If let out wear full body armour all the time.
And about our local ER. I LOVE this hospital.. the staff are great, the doctors great... the Er?? HORRIBLE. Not that the people making you wait for hours on end aren't kind and patient and helpful.. but really. We sat with creepy BLEEDING people for HOURS. If my head had been on straight I would have taken my 25$ co-pay to the urgent care next door. Even if you have to pay more out of pocket than that, they are open 7-7 and would have seen us so much faster! This ER is very busy.

And finally. If you want a quiet Sunday with your husband STAY HOME.

Monday, May 11, 2009

God is good

In this post HERE I talked about a family having to decide if they were to carry their baby who has no skull and "no" chance at "life" full term, or to terminate early. I found out today they chose to let God be God and wait for his answer! They have no plans to terminate! Although there is great joy in knowing that they chose God's path, that means its time to step up and PRAY. This family needs to be covered in prayers! They live in Shreveport LA and she is about halfway through her pregnancy I believe. I'll try to find out more. Her baby has anencephaly. (warning there are very disturbing pictures on the link- rememebr that although horribly disfigured these are still beautiful creations of God. Born with a purpose and a plan, as all of us are.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

RIP Lion 2004-2009 (a tribute to a lost lovey)

It was simply a trip to the mall. Daddy needed new shoes. Mommy wanted a new spring dress.Lion waited patiently while we shopped, working hard to entertain and cuddle Balin who is never a fan of shopping. Little did we know tragedy would strike. Upon arrival back home Daddy noticed Lion was not inside. He was not under the beds or behind or the doors. He was not in the wagon or the dryer or on Balins bed. He was not in the car. Not in the trunk. Lion was gone. Whether a victim of kidnapping or simple abandonment, lion is presumed deceased. We will miss him terribly although cow, new lion and puppy have all stepped up to try to fill the void that now exists. We will miss you sweet lion with your dingy stained fur. Your nose with holes and your tail that was mere fuzz. Thank you sweet lion, you served us well.

Monday, May 4, 2009

the Meme Simply cookbook

I need your recipies!! I'm going to start a new blog with recipies from friends and family. I only got a couple of cookbooks when I got married and no personal ones from friends and family. I plan on writing a little bit about a different person every day and then posting a recipe from them or one that reminds me of them! you can leave me a recipe as a comment or email them to me at I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share!

Not Me Mondays..

So I've been following Mcmama for a while and this is one of the fun things I found on her blog. Following in her example here are a list of thing I most definitly certainly never did this past week...(except for the part where they really did happen).
I most certainly did not invite two of Aydens friends over for a movie night, but give them different nights to come. Not Me. I absolutely did not lose Balin's beloved Lion at the mall buying a dress I really don't need. Not me. I also did not eat half a jar of fudge topping over the past three days. Not me. And of course I did not sign up to host a beauticontrol party because I have a problem saying no to people and I felt guilty that I did not have the money to buy any product at her show. Not me. You get the idea... what did you not do this week?

Friday, May 1, 2009

the birthday that just wouldnt d.....

So tonight we are finally finishing the months long celebration of Ayden turning six. Next year he getsd ONE DAY, like normal children. Two of his buddies from our short time in public school are coming over for a pizza movie night. We'll be watching Hotel for Dogs and gorging on pizza and popcorn. yay. Tomorrow morning I get to go meet a new friend's new baby! And then to top it all off tomorrow night I'll be going on a MNO! YAYYYYY! Finally some mommy rest!