Monday, April 23, 2012

The cake that wasn't.

So a few days ago I told you about aydens request for an earth shaped cake. I tried. Multiple ways. First I tried baking cake in a bowl. Some say that works. I forgot to grease and flour the first bowl and undercooked the second. Oops. Then I tried to make a rice krispie treat bowl but the humidity here melted it so it refused to hold shape- of any kind. Eventually I iced a layer cake and made it pretty. Put a horrible drawn earth map on it and called it good. I did make sour cream cake or the layers and almond buttercream for the icing so it should taste delicious. Aydens response? " at least I have a cake". You can't say he isn't honest, ha! We did not actually get to eat it though because everyone got sick- so into the freezer it went. We will try again next week! Happy b{earth}day Ayden!

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