Monday, April 2, 2012

Acres of Texas Wildflowers

Acres of Texas Wildflowers
Yellow beauties strike a pose.
Black-eyed Susan like a sweet kiss,
Chocolate flower, Yellow primrose,
Huisache, Nettle, Coriopsis.

Flowery Whites are making merry.
Magnolia is a famous bragger,
Dogwood, Yucca, Dewberry,
Bishop's Weed and Spanish Dagger.

All the Blues like sky and sea,
Bluebonnets a nice surprise,
Bachelor Button, Scurfy Pea,
Plum and Bluebells, Baby Blue-eyes.

Wild Reds will bowl you over.
Indian Paintbrush, wild esprit,
Ocotillo, Crimson Clover,
Prickly Pear and Redbud Tree.

Crazy colored quilts fanatic,
When they bloom in wild array,
Nothing could be more dramatic
Than Texas in a grand bouquet.

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