Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Baking

The boys have been asking to do some summer baking. Tonight after dinner we made some rice krispie treats using the microwave to avoid the stovetop:-). Eagle decided they needed to be blue and Mudbug chose the shrek like sprinkles. Works for me as long as I get to eat them! Notice the way I snuck in a belly shot... its nicely blured for your viewing pleasure. Its just not as fun to share these with this third pregnancy. Really.. we all know.. its a big ole belly.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More treasures from my parents computer

Mudbug with PawPaw Halloween 2007
Baby Eagle with Uncle Too Tall at about 8 months old
                                         Eagle with my maternal Grandmother back in 2003

Monday, June 7, 2010

Makes me remember

what all this waiting is for....              This has not been the best preggo week. I'm tired and grumpy. Grumpy with a capital G and Tired as in I must fall asleep when I must fall asleep no matter what else I'm doing. I've been having wierd symptoms like I did with my first pregnancy where basically my whole body goes kinda tingly. I'm also soooo hungry all the time, but if I eat more than a handful I get a horrible stomach ache. I'm jealous of moms who breeze through pregnancy with a smile on their face and their cute bellies on display for all to see. Mine is huge. And I have three months at least to go! 15 weeks or so, maybe 14 if I get lucky. He is moving around a ton though which is fun. I love just laying there and feeling all the little pokes and nudges and rolling sensations while he is still little and the nudges dont hurt me. I'm also struggling with guilt this pregnancy. Guilt that I get pregnant so easily (Mr. Simply is forbidden from even saying the word "baby" again) guilt that I have three healthy babies when I have friends who have had to say goodbye to theirs,  guilt that I feel guilty. I'm determined to keep moving though and trying to remember that I need to have Grace for my children just as He has Grace for me. Grace I know I don't deserve.  This will be a long summer. It can be a good one too. I'm just going to have to try a little harder and rest in the promises I know.

(p.s. Thats Mudbug at about 8 weeks old)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The move is complete!!!!

Find us at our new home:

Theres a snake in my.... memory card?

A couple of months ago within one week both of my computers, the desktop and the laptop, crashed. Suddenly and without warning. Well sorta without warning. My desktop started turning itself off and then when turned on would get stuck at the boot up screen. We resigned ourselves to being computer-less and with our newly aquired fancy phone were able to access some internet and my email that way. Blogging became quite difficult though :-(. FINALLY we gathered enough moolah to take the desktop to the computer heros.  Yesterday they called Hubbs. I did not witness the conversation but have a feeling it went something like this:
"Mr. Simply, this is Joe Hero at computer fixers. We have your computer ready to pick up."
"Oh great! Did you find what was wrong with it?"
"It looks like the memory card was pushed out of place and was causing the system to short circuit."
"Hmmm, I wonder what would have caused that?"
"Oh, who knows. It could have had something to do with the dead snake we found inside."

SERIOUSLY>>? A snake? In my computer?? We've had lizards in our shirts, frogs on our bedstands... but a snake INSIDE my computer? GROSS. We think it must have gotten in there when we stored our stuff for a few months in small ville before moving to metropolis last fall. Which means I've been sleeping next to the remains of a slithering creature for several months. EWWW. At least they cleaned it out for us and "sanitized" everything. And I have a computer again. Which means I once again can blog :-).

Speaking of blogging this new blog is a work in progress still. I'm updating the sidebar and figuring out how to format a few things. Be patient as my techno skills are very limited!