Saturday, February 27, 2010

Introducing Baby Tilsen number three: Sprout

Here is the reason I have not been blogging much at all over the last couple of months. As usual, and even more this time I'm very sick with this pregnancy.Yuck. I'm not sure if the nausea or fatigue is worse. I could do with neither of them. I have been trying sea bands and they seem to help me feel a little less queasy which in turn allows me to eat and havemore energy. My Dr. gave me a prescription for nausea but it makes me feel pretty foggy so the verdict on that is still out. We are excited though.I hear from family that there are great hopes for this to be a baby girl.I'm not putting any money on it.We have names picked out, but I wont be sharing:-). I have found it really depressing when people pick on your name choices, and annoying to hear everyone who is alive offer their opinions.So we've got names and you'll find thgem out in September:-). i'll gve you this much though, both names are in the bible and both have five letters. The ultrasound was fun even though this little being is barely over an inch long. Icould see sprout moving their head back and forth and wiggling a bit. You could see the brain is starting to divide into two hemispheres and the heart beating away in there. We have been amazed though at the blessings we have seen allready in this pregnancy. Our life group at church is really helping us. A sweet college girl is helping me out during the week. She came over Thursday to watch B while I went to my appointment and when I got back the boys room was CLEAN and she had VACUMED! Awesome. another friend brought us the yummiest corn chowder... with BACON. yum. Other Tilsen updates: Ayden starts Baseball soon... and actual baseball, not t-ball. Balin is becoming my little nurturer,carrying around a baby doll and helping mommy. This morning he put a band-aid on my face "because mommy is sick" (i was coughing). Lucas is working his tail off and getting better all the time at his job.We will be officially made members of the church we are attending within the next few weeks too. I will try to post more soon, but for now...I'm busy growing a baby.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Its been a while but

THIS is super important!! I've posted a link here before, but this time theres a very REAL need for you to help. My sweet Friends Mark and Becky are choosing to adopt their first child from Ethiopia. They see the need for love for the lost children of this world and they are choosing to respond. I'm so proud of them. Go HERE and buy a bag, or ten. Help bring their baby home! Sure you can buy reuseable shopping bags at the checkout counter for a dollar.. but these have meaning. And so. much. value. Plus, if you post a link on your own blog you are entered in a chance to win a bag or five for yourself! So shop, post, link, and help. 143 million minus one.