Friday, March 28, 2008


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Gramma Judy's house in 2003 and 2008. Its amazing how fast Ayden has grown, but the same smile is still there.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Balin got the bug


My sweet little tiny baby is sick. He just threw up more than I've ever seen a baby get sick :-( Pray for healing!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This easter was Balins first, and lets just say it was imperfect. We arrived home from our trip just before midnight the night before and got the kids and ourselves to bed. Balin had had several blow out diapers the day before, one very special one at the aiport resulting in his stroller getting wrapped up in a trash bag. We woke up and started to get ready for church. I had outfits picked out, but we wore them to the wedding so I put the boys in Hawaiian button down shirts and called it good. Within an hour Balin had allready had two VERY runny stinky diapers and was acting very cranky and sleepy so the decision was made to send Lucas and Ayden to church and I would stay home with Stinky Pants. That afternoon I was extra sleepy, which I figured was due to our trip, but by bedtime I was sick and stayed sick until yesterday afternoon. Balin started throwing up bottles and by dinner Ayden had joined our party. Today we are all feeling better. Today should have been Easter. We certainly feel resurected.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The kids at the wedding

The groom dances with his bride

Ayden shakes it

Ayden Dances off a shoe

Yummy cake
Mukwa and Phoebe

Day of the Wedding, groomsmen getting ready

Balin was a little sleepy, the grumpiest he got all week
Groomsmen getting ready

Judy and I dressed the younger groomsmen for the wedding. They were very proud of their tuxs and looked handsome indeed. (I now have five nephews with another on the way and four nieces!)

Day one, crashing at the hotel in Austin

Towel bunnies on the beds, who needs a cruise when you can stay for four hours in Austin?
Thanks again DAd!
Desi Lou was such a great sport!

Mukwa got Married!

This week we went to Mukwa's wedding and had a great trip! There was a bit of a rocky trip with the Dallas Airport closing, but after a day of unexpected travel we got to Minnesota and had a wonderful time! Here is a bit of a photo journal describing the trip..
Day one, Tuesday. We drove to Tyler Texas, about 1 1/2 hours from here and took a commuter flight to Dallas. It was awful. Ayden got sick within ten minutes, I was certain I would......

Now the flight was delayed about 45 minutes due to a "computer crash" as the gate agent worded the situation. not the right phrase for an airport, but whos being picky?

Seven hours later and we are waiting for my Dad ****THANKS DAD***** to come pick us up. He happened to be in Dallas for a meeting and volunteered to drive us to Austin where we slept for four hours and got up to go on another flight.. flew to Chicago and then FINALLY made it to Minnesota. We were so happy to finally see everyone though we did not care. I would like to comment here that I have AMAZING children. There was hardly any complaining the entire time. They both slept on the planes and put up with everyting beautifully. I am a very blessed mama.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Parental visit

Today my parents drove up from Houston, spent a few hours with us and drove back. Crazy people. It was really great to see them though. We havent had time to just relax together in over two months. Since then Balin has started crawling, pulling up, trying to stand on his own and cruising around the room. We had lunch on the Louisiana Boardwalk which is an awesome place to go hang out. Its an outdoor outlet mall with restraunts and entertainment. Theres a dancing fountain and a carousel. Great food too, a Buffalo wild wings, Joes Crab shack, salt grass steakhouse. Lucas and I actually went for the first time yesterday, but I have a feeling I'll be spending LOTS of time there now. The weather was perfect, sunny and cool with a gentle breeze. Great day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lousiana, first impressions

We have now been living in this new territory for over a month. So far I have noticed a strange but distinct contradiction. The people here are the nicest and kindest I have ever met, except when they are not. Huh? Take driving for instance. One car will be carefully driving five miles BELOW the speed limit in the right hand lane while car number two zips and zooms around them. I have been invited to church while standing in the grocery store line and (this really happened)watched an elderly gentleman call another elderly gentleman a red neck (in a very non humerous way) while waiting in line at the deli counter. For the most part people are very friendly. My current theory is that people become their weather's personality. Think about it... People in California are laid back, calm, with the occasional violent earthquake like moment. (As seen with political "causes".) People in New York are Cold and hurried, but stable and predictable, productive. Texas goes big and windy, with a frequent disregard for the outcome of actions. Northern Lousianians are as unpredictable as their weather. Today is beautiful and sunny, around eighty degrees. Friendly, hospitable, lets go meet the neighbors weather. Last Friday was below forty and it snowed all day.... Now I know my husband is the scientist, but I think I may be on to something here.

Balin is eight months old

Balin turned eight months old yesterday and he's growing so fast it scares me! This afternoon I was playing with his standing and let go.... he didnt sit down for over seven seconds. (Thats a long time if youve never had a baby...) I bet this little guy will be taking steps before the end of the month! WHOA.. slow down kiddo. I love having a baby... I'm not ready for a toddler!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Return to blogging, return to me

I stopped blogging a while ago because I decided no one really read this and no one was benefiting or interested in what I was saying. I'm not a politicians wife, or a mother of a special needs child. I'm not an avid photographer or artist. I don't know whos "hip" with music these days. I don't pay much attention to politics or pop culture. And then I realized. I did not blog for others just as I never journaled for others, nor wrote poetry or music for others. This is for me. My place to tell you that my children are beautiful, my life is blessed and my belly fat. I can discuss the way Hawthorne affected society or the poor result of beating madelein dough for too long. I know where Texas big hair went... maybe I'll tell you about that too if you stick around long enough. So if you want, leave me a note. Let me know you read this and I'll start finding my way back to the girl who's writing was once called "quirky." Maybe I'll just find my way back to writing. Maybe I'll just find.