Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I quit

I'm quiting. Giving up. Not really. I am taking a break though from blogging. I no longer have a real computer I can get on and blogging from my phone is simply too frustrating. Bummer. I wanted to give cute preggo updates on this sweet baby boy who is now rolling and bumping and kicking all the time but aparently the world of microchips and monitors has it out for me. I may be able to get my computer into the computer doctor next month sometime, but I'm fully expecting it to be a VERY expensive repair. Plus I need my husband home long enough to lug it over there since I'm not exactly in the lifting computer business right now. So there you go. A summer good bye. For now!

Friday, May 7, 2010


This is mudbug. I love this picture because even though he refused to
look at the camera he still wanted to snuggle.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Blog

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The Blog Unfabled

     Welcome to our new blog. It is a work in progress as I do not currently have a computer and am updating from other resources. Be patient but please be sure to click follow if you were following our old blog or if you want to be one of the first to find out what new is happening in our world.
     Why a new blog? I want to become more vocal. I have a strong desire to start sharing more on other blogs and to start responding more to conversations here in blog land, but I have been hesitant to do so with my children's name and specifics out publicly. Soon I will disable the links from this blog to my original blog, and will take us anonymous. Not because we are hiding, but because I want to share more without the fear of crazies! And there are crazies.
     So who are we and why the weird name to my blog? I am simply Meme. A mom to two little boys currently walking the planet and another who will join them in September. I currently stay at home and try to keep a clean home, make tasty dinners and help educate my kiddos. I also burn things, forget to pay bills and lose my patience. I had a friend recently tell me that she cant read blogs. She says they make her doubt herself. This friend is a great mom who loves her kids, but the reality is so many blogs put on such a pretty front. Perfect moms who handle life's tragedies with perfect grace, or moms who handmake everything without imperfection. But I know the truth. We all fail. We all struggle with something. Whether we are willing to share these things publicly or not, they are true. Our lives are not fairy tales. I would rather be honest with this new blog. I tend not to blog when I've been overrun with my house. I wait until there is a perfect picture or story or moment. How about we change the rules. What if I blog about the dishes piled in the sink, or my inability to get my two year old potty trained (and lack of interest in the process)? What if I don't care about grammar and spelling and perfection and instead share a different story. One where I tell you how yucky I am, and in turn show you how Good God Is? He makes the imperfect perfect and loves us "while we were still sinners." He loves the yucky, because he can make it pure. So that's the story this blog will share. The true story of a mom who tries, but will inevitably fail, and a great King who comes to the rescue time and time again. I hope you'll stick around. I want to hear what you think of our Life... Unfabled.