Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Days

Today I am going shopping for a little bit with Balin.We have to go pay a bill and I want to go to Garden Ridge to get a few more half price napkins.. and maybe some dish towels. This afternoon I'm headed to an interview in College Station! A United Methodist church there has an opening for an Infant Lead teacher. The ad said "competitive pay and full benefits" I'm simplyhoping for cheap tuition and a flexible schedule. This probably means ayden will have to be enrolled in the after school program at his school which on one handmakes me sad, but on the other might actually be fun for him. I'm nervous about returning to work, but excited to get Balin back in a school environment. Iknow where Ayden was at this stage, and Balin simply isnt there. Plus he doesnt play with other kids very well and has been really really whiny lately. Hopefully this will all work out well for mommy and child :-). Tomorrow Lucas comes home and we load the truck and car. I'm taking cupckes up to aydens class to say goodbye. Friday morning Lucas and I will head to College Station to get our keys and officially take control of the house! YAY! THEN saturday and sunday are ablur I'm not yet ready to look at. So for now..... the next three days are on their way. Its time to get the short one ready for our outing! Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday.