Monday, April 16, 2012

my brain... blogging all the time. My hands though are busy.... folding laundry, making meals, giving hugs, writing notes, making lists, buying groceries, changing diapers, holding books, building with Lego's, sweeping, folding more laundry, holding little hands, washing little hands, driving, driving driving.... you get the point. Its a busy season around here. Easter was wonderful. Eggs were found. Jesus was celebrated. Boys were dressed in easter egg green. Crafting is happening too. Made a bed ! made a sign for said bed. Dipped some wine glasses in chalkboard paint. We are celebrating Passover tomorrow evening. We are so excited to share it with some new friends. I even pinteripped some matzoh toffee. YUMM. This I will share. I would give you an original pinner link but I didn't end up using one. There are recipes all over the place for this stuff.. i think God invented it when he invented flour. Its super easy, and super delish.

Matzoh Toffee

3-4 sheets matzoh
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup butter
1 bag semi sweet choc chips (or 4 bars fair trade milk choc)
1/2 cup toasted almonds
kosher salt

Line a deep cookie pan with non stick foil, or parchment paper if your kitchen is fancy like that. Lay the matzoh down and try to break it so you get the most even coverage. Make it a game. Involve your somewhat ocd 3rd grader. Simmer your butter till it melts and then dissolve the brown sugar in it. Let it bubble a couple minutes and try to stop drooling. Pour your caramel (yes! you made caramel!) over the matzoh and try to get it everywhere.. but you probably wont. Don't worry. Deliciousness is even better when imperfect. Let bake at 275 for about 15 minutes. Not hotter! don't burn the matzoh. Take it out and immediately sprinkle your chocolate on top. Let sit for 5 minute and then smooth your now perfectly melted chocolate all over every inch. Here you can sprinkle some kosher salt on top if you like and almonds. I usually make one pan for the grownups and one pan for the kids. I like mine salty. Let it cool and then place in the fridge to set the chocolate. When cool just peel off the foil and break it into pieces. Try to sneak out of bed after you husband falls asleep for an extra piece and write a blog post because you are so in love... sleep all night long and dream about your exciting day tomorrow! (oh and keep your toffee stored tight so it stays nice and crispy... if it makes it past tomorrow that is....)

I apologize dear blog for not giving you enough attention lately. You were always on my mind....

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