Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Was it a migraine?

Yesterday, all day, A told me that hus Uvula hurt. He often says this. I thinks its a big word he likes to use to gross people out. I think he might be getting a cold in reality and his throat is itchy or possibly a little sore. Then last night we were watching a movie and B was running around playing and yelling and Lucas and I were trying to have a conversation (implication: LOUD) and A starts SCREAMING. Crying and yelling "help me!" Naturally it freaked me out a little bit. I took his teperature, made him take motrin and drink a glass of water, I checked his eyes and made him walk in a straight line and then sent him to bed. He got up about an hour later and came back out into the living room with us. Thirty minutes later he's throwing up everywhere. Back to bed. This morning he's fine. Today we will be eating lots of protein and NO desserts. Not sure if that had anything to do with it though. Wierd. This is a new mom experience I wasn't prepared for! I can handle stomach bugs. But a migraine?? At 5 years old?? I feel lately that I've mastered the little ones. I'm completely confident with small children UNDER five years old. Bring em on. But I'm getting really nervous about this big kid thing!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Homeschool mama, end of week three

Our third week of homeschooling has ended. It was actually only the second because A's "Colorado" parents were here visiting so we only did his short phonics lessons for the first week. Here is a list of things I have learned.
1. I really like this
2. My son needed this all along
3. His teacher was an idiot. I know, harsh words, but its where I'm at right now.
4. My son is really, really, really smart.
5. My son can be equally frustrating.
6. Trying to get a lesson done in time to get to early morning activities outside the home is pointless, wait till later.
7. There are thousands of free websites that offer printable materials. Awesome.
8. I'm going to have to find more "me time."
9. The library is a sacred place.
10. This really was a God driven decision and his blessings are proving it.
11. I may have to hire a maid. Not really, but it would help!

Current "curriculum" list. Suggestions appreciated.
Phonics: 100 easy lessons. Working GREAT! Also reading Word Bird books and Dr. Seuss early readers. Lit: Reading Tale of Despereaux Memory work/Dictation "The Months by Sara Coleridge" thanks to the Simply Charlotte Mason Website. Math: Singapore Math We are using investigative methods for other subjects. Like for last week we watched some of the inauguration coverage.. though I will admit I turned the channel when I started hearing it referred to as a coronation. I serve one King and sorry Mr. President, you are not Him. Anyway we watched the coverage and talked about government. We are watching science videos and reading some non fiction books. The biggest problem I'm having is keeping myself organzized. Not a surprise! We'll see how week four goes! When A finishes memorizing this poem we're going to record it and have a blog recitation:-). You will have to join us.

Other updates: I did NOT send out a holiday letter so dont feel left out, and A does not need glasses!

Monday, January 19, 2009

a quick update

We have been homeschooling for two weeks. My sister suggested starting simply and adding in more things weekly. So we did! The first week we only did phonics. This last week I added in memory work/copy work and some math. We are also adding in science books and videos as a break for him and as a way to get his little brain thinking. I caught him outside digging up a dinosaur yesterday.. he was out there for over an hour.. I guess my plan worked! We also have something back that we've been missing since about last uh, um, August. His giggle! That from the belly silly belly laugh that we love so much has returned. The tantrums are gone! His self esteem is so much better. He is not resisting working every day, and once we get started he does what I ask. He's even playing with his little brother and being nice! This morning we are taking him to get his eyes checked. I'm suspicious that his vision is not what it should be. I guess we'll find out in a few hours!