Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little Bear

Our little mister is not so little anymore. It hit me today that my BABY is almost 2. Only four months left. He is blowing us away recently with his verbal skills, which I'll admit I have been a little concerned about. All of the sudden though he is talking up a storm and making sentences too! Here are a few examples of his new big boy vocabulary; " truck go" "pick up" ( As in pick me up, or pick that up) "eat" "drink" ( "juice" can mean anything from milk to Water to soda to whatever we have in our hand... Soy sauce?) "see that?!" "look!" he calls his daddy "papa" and his lovies " meme". for Dog he makes this really low guttural growl that cracks us up. If he wants something he makes the gimme gimme sign and says "me!". He has had down for a while " night night" " hi" and " bye-bye". He even has some friends and knows their names, which is saying more than I can for my other sons ;) just kidding - sorta. " Saynee" ( Sadie) "no-nuh" ( jonah) and "ammy" ( Sammy). He also says "book" which applies to the iPad as well. He calls his brothers "Ayden" and "bubba" Physically he is now climbing on everything- including the bunk bed. Thanks to some good advice I've taught him to climb down instead of just trying to keep him away from it. I have more confidence he isn't going to break a leg and he is much happier. He still carries around as many lovies as he can get away with, and insists on sitting in a normal chair at the table. We love this sweet boy and all the adventures he brings with him.

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