Thursday, October 24, 2013

Because they don't stay little

Sometimes it hits you all too hard that your baby is not really a baby anymore. Maybe it was the joke he cracked, that was really funny OR maybe he got himself dressed and ready to go without any help. Maybe he made a friend or told you about his day in perfect detail. It might have been that word he used to say that was so beautifully wrong that to hear him say it correctly sorta breaks your heart. This was one of those mornings. My little guy. Possibly my last baby. So big. So fast. TOO fast. So I skipped my meeting. I left the dishes on the counter. I planned no dinner. This morning I took my pumpkin to see pumpkins, and goats, and bunnies. To be little, for even just one more morning of little memories. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

And the winner is....

MindySue!! Congrats on winning! Look for an email from me soon :). Thanks everyone for all the entries and your support of noonday!