Friday, November 8, 2013

At the masters feet

We have a busy day today. But not in the usual busy way. We have an invitation to come and sit and listen at a banquet that I fear will change our lives. It's only a dinner- a fundraiser- an informational. It's only one night, but this conversation is one that we have needed to begin, and these people, our inviters, are who we need to ask the hard questions. They have paved a road we want to walk but first we must come, and sit. To listen. 
When we speak of Martha and Mary and we hear The Lord tell Martha that Mary has chosen the better portion, I wonder if Mary had come in a different way, would he have said the same? If Mary came distracted, if she came with an agenda, if she came with her own plans, if she came in protest ready to argue, if she came unfocused - doodling in the sand, if she came to hide a problem, if she came to avoid her duties- to get out of that chore- would he have said the same? Because our father, the one who made the stars, he knows our secrets. He knows our reasons. Mary came to worship. She came to adore, to enter in to his goodness, to sit at his feet and listen.  As we sort out our busy, make priorities and try to make sense of this crazy busy world, we have to start with our crazy busy heart. Our idol filled, broken and distracted secret place. We have to come to his feet to hear, not to hide, or plan, or protest. He does not get us out of our duties, he is our duty and our joy. We must come, not as a pet on a pillow taking opportunity of a  comfortable moment, but as a woman in love with her maker. A woman ready to set it all aside to listen. To hear. 

"Just as I am, though tossed about
With many a conflict, with many a doubt
Fightings and fears within, without, O lamb of God, I come,  I come."