Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simply:: {technology}

I've been wanting to start organizing my thoughts here in blog land a little better. You probably have noticed my categories like Simply Eats and Simply Party. Im working on some along the lines of Simply Technology and Simply Recommends. I admit, we use gadgets here in the Simply household. My iPhone is a third arm and by far the most useful tool of my adult life. The apps are too many to count and so gosh darn helpful! I want to share with y'all apps that I find helpful, and those that aren't so much worth the money. To start, I'm for the first time today trying out the new blogger app! It's free and I'm excited to try blogging from mobile land. It hasn't been very easy before, although I've tried. I could get parts of posts to publish or just a picture. So we will see. Consider yourselves guinea pigs ! Let's try posting a picture of the app during this post for trial sake. There's no way to do special formatting that I see yet, and I don't like the idea of location services being on- so I turned those off. Let's post and see what happens!

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  1. I love/hate the blogger app but it's what I use 9/10 times these days. I love it because it's simple & quick-- I always have my phone! But if you upload multiple photos and you want them in a certain order, simply uploading them IN that order doesn't always necessarily mean they'll post in that order. Which is annoying, to say the least!

    Either way, have fun with it! It's a great app if you're looking for a quick way to share your thoughts ;)