Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bundt of the Month

Happy St. Patricks day! I never really was into this green holiday until a few years ago I met an amazing pastor and his wife in Shreveport. Among blessing us with their friendship, encouragement and grace.. her shameless love of St. Patricks day led me to do a little research and get excited myself. I'm not going to write about that today, but encourage you, especially if you are a Christian or someone who believes in following your beliefs to the uttermost... look into it! And watch The Secret of Kells on Netflix.

This months bundt cake did not turn out that great. So I'm not giving you a real recipe. I basically made it like last months, but with a few bad substitutions.To make this bundt I used white cake mix, chocolate syrup and andes mints. I mixed the cake mix four egg whites, 1/2 cup oil and a cup of water and 1 tsp of peppermint extract. I then added green food coloring and spooned about 1/3 into my greases bundt pan. I added about a cup of chocolate syrup and a cup of chopped Andes mix to the rest and poured it on top. Baed at 350 for about an hour. It was pretty good, but really dry! Needed more moisture.  The point of this experiment is to teach myself to bake something other than white cake box cake and to learn. I did learn a few tips.
1. Don't substitute oil for butter. Butter rules.
2. Andes mints will melt completely and be absorbed into the cake. The flavor is still there, but you wont see them or have the texture. It did make the center of my cake nice and creamy.
3. Not marbling the cake (going up and down all the way through the mixture with a knife) will make a horseshoe shape! (convenient for this holiday).
4. Duncan Hines makes a product called Amazing Glazes. For cheater cakes, or semi homemade days.. these are awesome! You microwave the bottle, shake it up and then pour it onto the cake. It dribble down the sides perfectly! It also sets into a yummy thick fudgy texture in about 30 seconds. Perfect and easy! It was perfect sprinkled with chopped Andes mints and was by far the best part of this cake.

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  1. Still looks yummy, though! I tried your bundt from last month, omitting the chocolate syrup, but it turned out really dry and crumbly for some reason. I knew I should have added more liquid, but didn't go with my gut. Aren't bundt cakes fun?! For my glaze I always just microwave some jarred frosting until it's pourable consistancy and then use that.