Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mama meets boy

In a matter of hours my sweet friend Becky will have her hands on her baby boy in Ethiopia! She is doing something unbelievable. It has been two long years of waiting for her and her husband Mark as they pursued an international adoption. My favorite part of their story? They chose this. This was not an after they tried everything else to have a biological baby and failed decision. Nope. This was a why even try to have a biological baby decision. Adoption.. a first choice. amazing. This sweet baby boy is hours from meeting his forever mommy and daddy. His parents who will love him and hold him and teach him to drive vehicles places they were never intended to go. (you can get to know them for more on their off roading adventures). Thats what we can call this: Off road parenting. Not many would choose it. But these two. They are amazing. I am honored to love them and their boy. Honored to be able to tell their story. Honored to get the emails from AFRICA. I am not. sleeping.  I am as excited as when any of my kids were on the way. Well maybe not really. But I am as sleepless!! Pray for them as this will be a challenging week. They meet him three times for an hour each time.. then they have to come home without him. For an undeclared amount of time. Pray for quickness in the courts. Pray for fast paper trails. Pray for sensitive hearts!! Pray for this mama and daddy and their long flight home. Pray for this sweet boy. Pray for health and safety and pray for God to prepare his heart for the challenges to come. And pray for the joy that will come! OH the Joy that is coming!!

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