Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Baby boy

On March 16th, Silas turned six months old! He is crawling, eating tons of food three times a day and sleeping at night in four hour chunks! He is also... believe it or not... pulling up! He does not get the opportunity to pull up very often though. Between the lack of short surfaces and the tile floor I try to keep him off of he gets what he can. He loves to stand up in his crib and pack-n-play. And on daddy. He still prefers his daddy's thumb for chewing and my hair for snuggling. He loves his big brothers. He also really likes our friend Connie at church who watches him while I'm at bible study. Today he didnt even try to come with me he was so happy in her arms. He has no teeth yet and is STILL breastfeeding {doing a victory dance on that one}. As with all my boys he has a lovey. He has chosen his Aden and Anais blankets.. any of them. Give him one and he wil get his two first fingers in his mouth and get some serious snuggle action going. I love his sweet skin, which is at least three shades darker than mine. He also has "see through hair" (thanks Liz for the description) that I hope will grow eventually and that hopefully will stay dark.

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