Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meme and the Bee

It has never happened before... and it will never happen again if I have anything to do with it. We  finally ventured out to enjoy this perfect weather today. We found an adorable duck pond with a gazebo and beautiful landscaping. We fed turtles and wandered around. Then we decided to take B to the playground. We had never been there before and he was super excited and running from play structure to play structure. We noticed lots of bees around the trash cans. Probably had something to do with them being overfull from parties.. but you know, whatever. Balin was climbing on a play structure and there was a bee near his hand. I wooshed it away with my hand and it didnt move. So I flicked it with my thumbnail. It went away and I thought nothing of it. We went on to another play structure and Balin flew down some slides. He went back to one closer to the first one as as he is climbing up I suddenly feel like I'm getting a flu shot.. in the back of my  thigh. My first thought was, no way.. this doesnt happen to me. Other people get stung, not me. But alas. Bee karma caught up with me and I was stung. I was suddenly not in the mood to play at the park as waves of stinging/itching sensations took over my leg. We got in the car and drove home. As we turned onto our street I was smoothing my pants down on my lap and felt a lump. I instantly knew I HAD A BEE STILL IN MY PANTS. Well now. What would you do? I was so glad my husband was driving. Basically I made a pocket in my pants (again thank goodness I had on linen/loose pants) and held the critter off my skin as I frantically.. well.... got the bee as far away as possible. I made my husband pull into the garage and close the garage door so I could escape into the house.. leaving my pants and the STILL LIVING bee in the garage with him.   The best part of it all? My three year old... who is so loving and thoughtful... followed me into the house. He came into my room behind me and said "Can we go back to the park when you get done fixing your butt?" Thank you sweetheart. Thank you.

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