Sunday, March 6, 2011

a wild day at Wild Days

Yesterday we attended an even at Sea World called Wild Days with Jack Hanna. Community reps from different conservation agencies in San Antonio come and to top it off Jack Hanna comes with a variety of his animal friends :-). We had no idea how wild our day was going to be!We started our morning early. I had intentions of waking up and feeding Silas at 6:30.. so he helped by waking up at 6. Breakfast was a King cake. Because it is Mardi Gras season, and well, I wanted a King Cake!
 We hit the road earlier than we expected despite a crazy storm that popped up. CRAZY wind and rain and even thunder. The weather for San Anonio was supposed to be better though, so we headed on out and sure enough the rain stopped before we even got to the major high way. Everything was going great. The boys each had their electronic distraction unit of choice, Silas was sleeping like an angel and I was having great conversation with my husband. About 40 miles out of San Antonio Lucas avoided a big pile of hay. I remember thinking "gosh, its good he avoided that. There could be a nail or something in it." Moments later we hear a whoosh sound followed by a thumputhumputhumputhumputhumputhumpu. "No Way" says the Man. Yup. Flat tire. Not just a nail.. no.. completely devastated flat tire. We then spent about ten minutes searching the van for the spare. Because we know we have one. But its still new to us.. so it took a while. After finding it Lucas got us all set and we changed our gps destination to Discount Tires. They actually worked fairly quickly, but we lost about three hours of our day at Sea World. When we got there we found out that we missed Shamu and the other big show was canceled. So we did other things we normally do not get to. We fed the dolphins. So. Much. Fun. We all got to touch and pet them! Not what I thought they would feel like! After catching the Sea Lion show and viewing the penguins (Ayden's favorite!) we got to the special Jack Hanna show early. He was awesome as I knew he would be. We got to see crazy odd animals like an African Procupine, tree sloth, cheetah and a lynx. Then we stood in line for autographs. Jack was kind and humble and patient. We watched the man sign autographs for almost three hours straight! (before the show, after the show and at dinner).  Dinner was a blast! The BBQ was yummy (toally making up for the crud we had here a few weeks ago) and the animal handlers and Jack were right there in the picnic area! We got to wander around and take pictures with some amazing animals. Such fun memories! And the kids actually learned things. This morning Balin took his lovey lion and hung him by the feet from the fridge handle. "Look mommy! He's standing like a sloth!" Great day. And worth a new tire!

Fennec Fox

black and white Tegu

my favorite pic of the day! Silas and this owl had a serious stare down. I'm sure they were both thinking "could I fit that in my mouth?"

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