Friday, March 11, 2011

Simply Reads:: {Skippy Jon Jones}

We have a new favorite book series! I ordered these for my kids from Ayden's school scholastic flyer. Let me tell you, we have never giggle so much during a story time. We got three in our set and love them all, but our favorite is the oringinal. If you have never read these to your child.. you must. Now some of my affection for them may be due to the fact that we now live in Mexico  South Texas. They are written with just enough spanglish to seriously get me in the mood for my best Antonio Banderas impersonation. My boys think its hysterical. It is a voice I keep only for them. The story is simple, a siamese kitty who thinks he is a Chihuaha. He spends his time being naughty and getting sent to his room to think. In his closet he goes on adventures as Skippito, the great sword fighter, and joins a band of rougue Chihuahuas called the "Chimichangos". What are some of my favorite lines? Why, Thanks for asking! "Holy Frijoles!" "Holy Jalapeno!" "My name is Skippito Friskito. I fear not a single Bandito." I also love the names the mom kitty calls her boy. "Mr. Fluffernutter" "Mr. kitten britches""Mr Cocopugs" to name a few. Pure hillarity.

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