Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to keep baby food from falling on your head

I am in love with the new organic readily available baby food! I usually make my own baby food, but for the diaper bag it is just easier to have some on hand and ready to go in easy to use containers. I love that the packets, the zipper kind and the twisty top kind, are so much lighter than jars or tubs and re close so neatly. The only problem is that they dont stand up in the cabinet or stack up like the old fashioned ones used to! So today, when I was about to hit wits end after another avalanche came out of the baby cupboard I reached into my "plastic tubs to be re-purposed" box and pulled out an old dish detergent box. I carefully washed it out and turned it into a perfect container for baby food!
Step one: clean and remove the label of a dish detergent pack container. (These work great because the lid is semi attached so it wont get lost! Plus its the perfect size to hold either zippy or twisty baby food containers.)
Step two: trace on a piece of fabric the shape of the lid, leaving about an inch or so extra to hang over the sides. Step three: Hot glue fabric to the lid
Step four: Hot glue ribbon around edge to mimic a jelly jar
Step five: Cut circles of fabric and hot glue to sides. Use a sharpie to make your "label"
Step six: fill with baby food and rejoice over not ever having food avalanches again!
Before. Food Avalanche and frustrated Mama

After. Neat clean and happy baby cubby

I appologize for how messy this post is!! Blogger is being a pain and I'm off to dinner~ Meme

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