Tuesday, April 26, 2011

confidence changes everything...

butterfly exhibit.... look hard they are there!

If you've been around here for very long then you are probably are familiar with our sweet Balin and his medical woes. Its nothing super serious. This is not a sick baby blog. We just have a little guy who has been challenged with a few issues that needed clearing up. He was born with hydroceles and hernias. When he was about 18 months old we had a surgery done in Sheveport, LA. The same week he also was put under general anesthesia to get ear tubes. After a few months the hydrocele came back. It proceded to grow to the size of a small lemon. We were in the middle of moves and had been seen by a surgeon in the town we just moved from. He met with us twice and then told me after an ultrasound that it was a simple surgery and someone else should do it. Whatever. We moved here and knew we had to get it taken care of! This Christmas we had it removed by a local urologist. My mother in law came down from the frozen tundra for two weeks to help take care of Silas who was then only three months old.  Everything looked great.. and then three months later, after a bout with the flu, voila. Round three. This time we were done messing around! We made our appointment (the waiting list was over a month!) with a pediatric surgical urology specialist at the special fancy far away kids hospital in the nearest big city. I navigated the CRAZY streets of downtown and the medical center and didnt even get lost. I even got us there in time to spend a couple of hours at the museum before hand.
When we got to the hospital I realized my heart was POUNDING. I am so sick of this. Another Dr. Another surgery. Another round of what happens now? He walked in the room and instantly... calmed me. He is older, and confident, sweet with Balin and immediately started reviewing his chart... there in the room WITH ME. I was able to point things out and ask questions. He examined Balin and then reviewed the last surgery notes again. At this point he completely won me over by looking me in the face and saying the most magical words ever. "I think I know whats happening here."  I was so excited to see a confident answer from a competant Dr. I could have hugged the man. I didnt. I stuffed more baby puffs in the baby's face and waited his diagnosis. Its too complicated to attempt to explain, but basically the last surgeon finished the surgery in a way that allowed the hydrocele to come back. (It wasn't a mistake, just not the best technique. I dont doubt his abilities.. just know Balin needs better.) ALSO he pointed out that we need to go in laproscopically and check for another hernia on top of getting rid of the current hydrocele. (which could be why the second surgery happened in the first place!) AMEN.  He sat down and drew me a picture.. with two different colored pens... to help explain to me what needs to happen. He has no idea how much I needed that! He appologized for Balin having to go through this again. Dude. If you need a pediatric urologist... I've got one for you! We are currently planning the surgery for sometime this summer.
I love this sweet boy.

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