Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where am I?

I am buried in being a mama these days. Silas is seventh months old, 100 % mobile and into everything. Last night during bath he reached up and grabbed the soap holder and proceeded to pull himself to standing and then climb up the side of his baby bath tub in a matter of seconds. Crazy child. If you see us out an about, don't be surprised if he's wearing Balins bike helmet. I have not made anything exciting, food or craft, nor gone on any adventures. I have not tried any new products. We are in the thick of simple living as we try to get our mounting medical bills paid off. (Anyone want to laugh with me?) Mr. Simply is working his tail end off this week being an amazing husband. Someone quit at work so his workload more than doubled. So have the 24 hour a day phone calls. When he is home it feels like we are running a political campaign. I'm also not blogging much due to a broken keyboard. One of my children doused it in water and now the space bar sticks. When I get back to you expect some news on these subjects:
May bundt of the month
how I made my own jar lanterns with 2$ solar lights
back to Piper... I've been longing to finish the list
preschool beginnings questions and answers

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