Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm sooo excited to learn about this new to me program. I was leary at first, but am really enjoying it now. You simply go to and sign up. Then you have the option of inviting your friends through email (i declined) and dowloading a tool bar. I hate tool bars, but the idea that I can actually earn REAL money doing what I already do made me give it a try! I heard about this from  You can earn Swag Bucks by searching in your tool bar, on the site, taking surveys, watching video clips (I love the Rachel Ray recipes!) and lots of other ways I have yet to figure out. I have 130 Swag Bucks after one afternoon of experimenting. At 450 Swag Bucks I can get a $5 gift card. I'm saving up for a camera!! Another awesome way to earn swag bucks is to print out coupons. When you redeem them they eventually (6-8 weeks) will find their way back into your swag bucks account as 10 SBs. So fun! So I can save today $5.00 on a box of claritin and add to my camera fund at the same time! Yes, I know its only pennies at a time, but seriously.. pennies add up.. especially when they don't come out of my husbands paycheck! If you are interested in joining go to the really ugly Swag Bucks widget on my sidebar.. that way I get credit for being your referal. This is the my favorite part.. when you get referals you get swagbucks for every swagbuck they earn too! SO JOIN and help me get a camera earn yourself rewards!

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