Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A birthday weekend

We did a weekend in Houston to celebrate our big guys 8th birthday! The real day is friday and with good friday and passover and Easter this weekend we decided to celebrate a bit early. We went to see Rio at the big XD theatre near my parents house. It was soooo much fun. There was only one issue I had with the movie and my three year old summed it up well. "Mommy, her bird costume was innapoepiut." But seriously. How does one go about making carnivale in RIO appropriate? Considering these are the same people who made Ice Age 2, which we walked out of the theatre on because of the over the top sexual innuendos, I felt it was handled well. The annimation was beautiful! and the 3D well worth it on this one! I also loved loved loved the music tie ins. After the movie we went to Incredible Pizza for lunch. Sunday we got up and headed home, but made a quick stop at Ikea to check out the cribs. Silas is in a drop side and I don't trust it! We could not get one because the company vehicle doesnt have as much room as the van so it wouldnt fit for the ride home. After lunch we ran into the Galleria a few miles down the road and celebrated at Rainforest Cafe. Oh how we love lunch with Cha Cha! Even Silas got into it and was jumping and dancing along to the music.

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