Sunday, April 3, 2011

A small escape

This saturday we woke up a bit early but Sweet Silas had blessed us with a 6 hour stretch of sleep so we felt refreshed and ready for a break! Knowing our funds are tightly belted right now we decided to make use of the company vehicle we have been blessed with and a season pass we bought ourselves last fall and headed south to Corpus Christi and the Texas State Aquarium. We packed a picnic lunch and jumped in the car. I was a bit surprised at how busy they were, but a lot of people live here in South Texas and our entertainment venues are limited.
you know you've always wanted to see "the world's largest" squirrel

They narrowly missed being eaten for lunch

Goliath Bird Eating spider... we have a picture of this in one of our favorite bedtime books Actual Size

Exactly the question one needs to be asked while sandwiched in line waiting...

We had a great day all in all. There were couple of blips. One involving a beach and sand traps. The other occured after we decided to stop and get coffee and gelato (I know GELATO!.. and they used Monin syrups!) we were busilly occupied making our order and were keeping an eye on the kids as they settled into chairs. I had noticed a group of vacationers.. looked like two families with young kids. The boys were probably 5-10 years old. Ayden came up as we were about to sit down and said "mom, that boy that was in here was outside playing with a toy that looks like Balins souvenir from the aquarium. I think he took Balin's toy!" I am quick to assume the good in people and was like nah... so Lucas went and checked the car. Sure enough it was gone. Balin had set it down on a chair so he could eat his gelato and one of the boys walked up, took his toy and the family left. I'm sure a conversation occured later at their hotel like this "where did you get that?" "i found it" "lucky you!"  It just irked me. I was seriously angry for a good amount of time. It was a 3$ toy. completely replaceable.. but my three year old crying in the backseat "God stole my toy!" was not a happy moment. It was sad to see him feel injustice. We had a good talk which ended in him saying "its ok mommy. I have lots of other special toys." I'm pretty proud of this guy. Of all my guys actually. I'm a lucky lady.

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