Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweets for my Sweets

Valentines Day 2005: while dating Lucas was living on an island in the Caribbean giving his best at med school
Valentines 2006: recently married, Lucas's last semester on the island
Valentines 2007: Lucas in review class downtown for his medical boards while I (pregnant) waited at home (evil evil boards...)
Valentines 2008: Lucas was in Houston while in training for his first job.. I was in Louisiana living
Valentines 2009: Lucas was on a job working
Valentines 2010: Lucas was in Laredo with  the stinky company he temporarily worked for
Valentines 2011: LUCAS HOME. :-)
It's been seven years and we are completely wallowing in Hallmark card chessy-ness. Conversation hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, handmade valentines.. the whole deal. For two days. So much fun. I even made a chocolate covered cherry Bundt cake. More on that later. We did the celebration today so the boys can eat their goodies. (I don't usually recommend sending easily distracted boys to school with a belly full of chocolate). With the flu descended on us we cant get out to church this morning so we've been talking with the boys about how we can love because He first loved us. God gave us his son. No chocolate can express that, but I firmly believe our rejoicing is a sweet sweet sound to our Creator. Love to all from the Tilsens

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