Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Favorite!

With Silas being sick for the past week we have gotten a bit desperate for something to help him calm down. I've used lavender scented baby products before but usually find them too sweet for my liking. I have a small addiction to Burt's Bees products though so I did not hesitate when I saw this on the shelf during my sick house supply run. Along with flu medicine, movies, tissues, soup, sports drinks, and antibacterial cleaners, calming lotion seemed a natural choice. For him and myself. I love how smooth it went on him and how gentle and warm the fragrance is. Not too sweet. Perfectly natural! I don't know if it has actually calmed him, but wrapping him up in the goodness makes me snuggle him even closer... and snuggles seem to work wonders on his calm and mine. I may be fighting him for use of this one...

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