Friday, February 4, 2011

I can see clearly now...

Today was a BIG day for my firstborn. I knew it was inevitable that someday he would be needing glasses, so when his teacher told me she was having to move him up to the front of the class I knew it was time. After a quick trip to the OD we had proof. Ayden needs glasses! Now most kids would complain or whine or worry about how they look. Not mine. He has been all but begging. So today, during our non snow event, we headed out in the blizzard cool air. He could not be more proud. (sorry for the iphone pictures. it was an iphone only kinda day)




  1. totally stylin'. AND adorable, of course...aren't you glad they've made such improvements in the coolness of glasses since we were kids?? My first pair (3rd grade :) were NOT this cool :) Tell him we think he looks fantastic!