Wednesday, February 16, 2011


the Tilsen house has sucombed to the bug. some evil evil bug that has rendered me completely useless and turned my children into worms. I'll get to the next Piper List item next week. For this week I'm just going to try to maintain a minimal level of cleanliness and happiness in my home:-).

In the meantime please go to Heather's blog and consider praying for the sweet ladies there and their babies. What an honor it is to bring before the throne women in a far away land who are experiencing the same joys we are, but in the midst of trials we could never fully understand. Women most of us will never meet this side of heaven.
Also, please pray for my sweet friend Becky. Her baby is waiting for her in Ethiopia. Their court date is coming up fast! Pray that God will prepare her heart and protect her sweet boy. Pray that the government in Ethiopia will process quickly and that no snags come up! and pray that every last dime they need will be provided for!

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