Friday, February 4, 2011

LOVE my new high chair

We got our tax refund and have been spending the day getting haircuts, glasses, clothes for the kids and a high chair for Silas!  I originally wanted one that attaches to a chair instead of a full size one. As we were looking I found this one at Target. It was a bit higher than I had originally thought I wanted to spend, but I LOVE IT!! I set it up in about ten minutes flat from a box. Easy Peasy. The seat cover is more fabric like than plastic which I love, and it has a second padded insert to use with infants. It leans back comfortably, and easily, and is completely adjustable. Even the foot rest is adjustable. The fun part is the the entire seat part comes off (very simply) and can be attached to a regular chair! So when baby outgrows the high chair, or you go to visit grandmas house, you can just take the seat off and move it. That means this chair will easily be used for 2+ years on this kiddo! The tray has a removeable insert that can go in the dishwasher, and is very generously sized. Much bigger than the ones I've used before.  PLUS (this part is genius) the straps for the booster.. are stored inside a compartment underneath. Brilliant. We lost an awesome infant car seat because a strap went missing. Silas had his first meal in it tonight. (We are introducing rice cereal a little bit at a time to make sure there are no ahem constipation issues. ) So far so good! Cant wait for March when he gets to eat real peas in his sweet pea high chair.

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