Wednesday, December 31, 2008

home, and a few more words

We are home safe and sound. Overall we had decent travel. The wind was awful from Minnesota to Kansas City, but we had clear skies for the long drive today through Missouri and Arkansas. The boys did okay too. Ayden is awesome in the car. Balin did better today, but has a horrible diaper rash. We had great luck going up and comming back with hotels. We had enough reward points for a room on the way up and my dad had enough for us a room on the way back at a beautiful Hampton Inn.

Minnesota was both wonderful and horrible at the same time. How difficult to say goodbye to someone you arent prepared to say goodbye to. The schock and grief comes in waves. Moments will surprise you and then the laughter too is so much sweeter. We had so much time this trip to just sit and visit with people we rarely see. I was able to put faces to names of lifelong important people in Lucas's life. We met our nephew Aston who is amazing and sweet and has the best cheeks for an auntie to pinch, ever!

The funeral was moving to say the least. Jim was a longtime emmber of the Patriot Guard Riders. I'll write a post later explaining them. But we drove up to a funeral home SURROUNDED by men and women, many of whom served in the military or are children of heros, standing guard over the services in a flag line. So like 40? I didnt count, but many many many flags encircling the tnire funeral home. We carried in Jim's leather jacket that bore his PGR patches. It was so moving to see their faces as they recognized what we had and who we were. They loved Jim and we loved their presence. Their website is HERE. Read for yourself the wonderful things they say.

The funeral also had a traditional native american drum. I'll have Lucas post to explain that, but I will say it was the most haunting and physically moving song I have ever heard. Ther funeral was led by a catholic priest. He was sincere and empathetic and had good words to share. Even the funeral home staff seemed moved. There was standing room only. People had to stand in the hallway all the way back to the doors. Even being on the children list didnt ensure us a front seat:-). We sat in the back which was good because I had to escape to a side room with an unrulley Balin.

There will be more tomorrow with pictures.

I am sending out a new years letter when I get us pulled together. I've been planning it and had actually just finished it when we got the news. If you think I may not have your address and you want a letter send it to me at emilymichelle AT gmail !

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  1. What a beautiful post. Jim was the kind of guy that you met once and just wanted to be around all the time. David and I had the chance to sit and talk with Jim when you and Lucas got married. I told David that Jim had passed away and when he realized who I was talking about he was sincerely saddened. This was just form an hour long conversation at a wedding of someone he didn't even know. Jim had a presence that few men carry. God Bless Jim, and thank you for your post.