Thursday, December 4, 2008

if only his tubes were in the right places...

Poor Balin. He has surgery scheduled on Dcember 19th for a communicating Hydrocele, which is basicaly a hernia or opening that allows water from his abdomen to drain into places it is not supposed to. By the end of the day the poor guy has what looks like a small water balloon in his diaper. It drains back when he lies down at night. Apparently this is a common issue with little boys. something like 1/4 of all males are born with an opening that will spontaneously close within the first year or so. Balin's did not so we have to have it surgically repaired. Yesterday Lucas took him in to get his ears checked. He had an ear infection the week before Thanksgiving so we were following up on that. Now he has a Double ear infection. This poor guy has struggled with these since he was two weeks old. FINALLY our Dr. (who we love) told us to make the appointment with the Ear Nose and Throat Dr. (This is who removed Ayden's rock from his ear, arranged for an "emergency surgical procedure" gathered nurses and anasthesia people and then only charged us for the office visit.. so therefore who we also LOVE.) So it looks like he will also be having tubes put in, a second "surgical" procedure. Not Fair. Our tiny little guy who still comes in around the 50 percentage line and below on height and weight has to spend so much time in the hospital. Please pray for all of this as we prepare for Christmas as well.

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