Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday happenings

I have not been posting much because w have been so stinkin busy! It's a good busy though for the most part. We've been decorating for Christmas and hosting and attending play dates. Last week I hosted a gingerbread craft day. I spent all day Wednesday building gingerbread houses and on Thursday 11 friends and their children joined us to decorate them! (Ayden will be making his house this weekend). We had so much fun filling up this apartment with literally as many bodies as we could fit!


  1. What a great family photo! And, a very good idea with the gingerbread houses. Now I can't wait until I have kids and friends with kids close by to do something like that myself. Although I still don't want kids quite yet!

    So glad to see you've made some good friends!

  2. Em - Could you please send me your addess? Jennifer Thanks! Love your Christmas pic!