Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Christmas Trip, and the weeks ahead

This past weekend we went to Palestine Texas for a little get-a-way. The ultimate goal was to ride the Polar Express, which we bought tickets for a month ago. When we bought our tickets we were surprised that the earlier train rides were allready sold out, but once we rode it we know why. It was worth EVERY penny. Both boys loved it and I have to admit,standing in the depot and watching the train come in all lit up with lights and steaming was pretty exciting... like I wanted to jump up and down and scream with the kiddos exciting. That was 8:15 pm though, our day started much earlier. about 12:00 we left home and got starbucks. The drive was mapquested at 2 hours and 50 minutes, but we got there in just a little over two. The drive was a bit sentimental for me. I'm really missing my grandmother lately and knowing that I was driving closer and closer to where she and my grandfather both grew up made me think of her and Christmas we spent with her. I miss her cherry divinity. I miss her lace and ribbon filled dresser drawers. I miss her quilts. I miss her.

Once we arrived in Palestine we found Old Town and the shopps:-). Lots of little boutiques and antique stores. We bouth Balin his first pair of See Kai Run shows because they were really cheap! Outside the shops is a park set up like an old texas town with clapboard stores. It was nice to just let the boys run around and play. Sometime around 5 we got hungry and found a yummy mexican restraunt and then decided we did not want to drive home late at night so we also found a hotel. A "Quality" Inn and Suites... not so quality, but warm and dry. They were out of cribs so I slept with Ayden and Lucas wit the baby. Balin only fell off the bed once. (eeek)

As for the Polar Express. Again, wonderful! Ayden has ridden it before with his Dad. I was afraid Balin wouldn't really get into it, but he really did!

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