Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I almost didn't recognize you...

You know how it goes. You run into someone at the mall, or church, or on facebook and you just know you know them. They look so familiar. They sound familiar. They clearly know you... but you just cant place them. WHO ARE YOU you wonder, while gracefully (or not so gracefully) pretending to be in the know. Well, this happened to me this week. He says his name is Mr. Sandman. He is tall dark and very very handsome. His voice is soothing and alluring. He claims he has excelent skills working with children. He came to my house three times in the past week and set up shop in the nursery. WHO ARE YOU? I asked him. He just smiled. He says he works in ten to twelve hour shifts and may  or may not return tomorrow. I'll tell you what... I may not have seen him in these past eight months, but he is surely welcome anytime he wants!

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