Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Simply Eats:: {Mole}

I have a new love. Once, several years ago, I was working at a day care.  We often had potlucks. ONE TIME a girl brought Mole. ONE STINKIN TIME... and I have craved it ever since. I really thought, probably due to her boasting, that mole was a mexican recipe far beyond my suburban skills. Oh what we have been missing. A friend from high school mentioned it once on facebook. I begged a recipe and she wrote out in awesome detail on her blog a wonderful way to heaven. I only made af few changes, mostly because I decided last minute to have mole for dinner this past saturday. In her recipe she boils her chicken and uses the water after to make the mole. I had made crock pot chicken stock earlier in the week so I used 2 cups stock and 2 cups water. I baked my chicken and my mole was really reallly thick... but oh how good. Now the true  question, which I would love to get your answers on, is what would an authentic way to serve mole be? I'm pretty sure it isnt meant to be eaten with a spoon.  Which may or may not have happened in my kitchen. Thank you  Ronnie! You have blessed me with a skill all four of my boys will appreciate!

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