Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whimsicaly Worded Wednesday

Otherwise known as the hilarious things kids say...

"My peanut hurts" after my three year olds hydrocele surgery

While driving home, from the backseat  Ayden says, "Look Balin, thats a jet stream! Lots of jets were flying and their trails all stuck together and made a cloud. They call it the jet stream."

Repeated daily by my three year old "I'm going to Disney world, China, the Eiffel tower, sea world and bowling. Those are my trips." After my mother in law took him to Sea world "you cheated. Papa was going to take me on my trips." (that was never our plan)

At the dinner table Balin says "Where can Grady sit?" me- "Who's Grady?" B-"One of my kids. I have lots of kids."
Balin at lunch- "I want holy-poly" (ravioli)

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