Friday, January 7, 2011

Three months

So I've declared this blog to be unfabled. The realness of my life. The not warm and fuzzies. The reality that It is 12:30 and I'm not even out of my pajamas yet. In fact.. I've emailed my husband a grocery list because I know its simply not going to happen today. Which brings me to this post. These are Silas' three month pictures. Taken at 3 months three weeks. I know. I'm a little late. He is growing so fast and with Christmas I just did not get around to pictures in time. The past few weeks he has really become a baby, not a newborn. He is reaching for things, laughing a big gut giggleand demanding what he wants when he wants it. He can also roll from his front to back, from his back to his side and lift his belly off the ground during tummy time (for a second or two). I'm predicting crawling within a month or two! Here are a few "three month" pictures of my nearly four month old babe.

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