Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unfabled Parenting

I've decided to take some action on my heart this year. The bitterness and jealousy that tries to steal it need to be banished. Jesus can do that. To help Him help me (not that he needs help) I'vejumped into a couple of bible studies at the church we've been visiting. One is Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart. The other is more of a moms group. They are following a study, but really, with 9 moms and all the kids running around Chik-fil-A it is more a shower of refreshing fellowship and conversation with people who say words other than "poop" and "Pthhhbbbeeettth." I've also decided to start pursuing some gospel driven parenting ideas. I'm not organized. I'm not goal oriented. I don't often make check lists. But one day a while back I found this list on some website somewhere. I don't remember where or how I found it, but here it is...

A Parental List of Rules to Live ByCourtesy John Piper

Let there be much spontaneous celebration verbally of every hopeful sign of life and goodness in our children.

Let us forgive them often and be longsuffering.

Let us serve them and not use them.

Let us lavish them with joyful participation in their interests.

Let us model for them the joy of knowing and submitting to the Lord Jesus.

Let us apologize often when we fall short of our own Father’s requirements.

Let us pray for them without ceasing.

Let us saturate them with the word of God from the moment they are in the womb (the uterus is not sound proof).

Let us involve them in happy ministry experiences and show them it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Let them see us sing to the King.

Let us teach them relentlessly the meaning of the gospel in the hope that God will open their eyes and make them alive. It happens through the gospel (1 Peter 1:22-25).
My goal.. if I dare use that word is to take one of these subjects one day a week and blog about how I have or have not implemented it in my parenting. Please join me and feel free to COMMENT about how you have or have not or would or would not. I know God has big plans for my parenting this year and could use your imput! I would love to start seeing some conversations grow here in The Life Unfabled. So look for my Unfabled Parenthood posts on Tuesdays.  I can't wait to see how God moves us :-).

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