Friday, January 21, 2011

Diaper Deal

When Balin was a little over a year old we switched to cloth diapers. Not the diapers our mama used, cloth has come a long long way. Easy to use, convenient and beautiful. I prefer to use Bu*mGenius brand. I looked around, and found them to be what I wanted. Chelsea wrote an awesome post HERE describing her experience as a first time mom using BG diapers. She explains their functionality so much better than I could! (Shes a much more organzied writer than I am...enjoy reading something that makes sense!) Anyway! My past experience was pretty similar to hers, but I use a good ol paint bucket with a tight fitting lid from lowes to store soiled diapers in. I do this because the bucket is easy to wash, and more importatly the lid is tight enough to keep stinks in and little fingers out!
HERES THE DEAL :-). TODAY I was on Cottonbabies DOT com pricing diapers. We had decided to just buy a few a month as we transition back into cloth. BUT they have the All in One style diapers on sale for $9.95! They are usually around 17$ a diaper!! I did not use AIO before because they are sized (s,m and L) and there is a one size fits all opition too.   At this price I went ahead and bought 9 medium diapers that will fit him to 22 pounds, plus four inserts that fit the One Size fits all we used with Balin (which are still in great shape). I also got free baby legs and the shipping was free. So my grand total with tax?? $103.00   If you have considered cloth diapers this would be a great way to try a couple out!

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