Tuesday, October 20, 2009



As of this morning Lucas has been officially offered a job with a fracturing services company located in Bryan/ College Station (Texas)!! They are matching his pay he made before and giving him a company phone and vehicle. He has to pass a drug test before they can officially get him started.. but clearly that wont be a problem. Bryan??? I never ever ever in my life have considered living there. In fact, when college selections came around the very first one off my list was Texas A &M. I find the whole Aggie pride thing a bit creepy. (Which means no, I am not going to paint my life maroon). I love college towns though so we are looking forward to moving on and getting settled back into our life! A Life with great community and coffee shops. It feels so good to finally KNOW SOMETHING! God is good, and as painful as this has all been, we know he has Good things in store for us. Real things. Real Life. We are looking forward to a small community near the conviences of Austin, Waco and Houston. We are looking forward to a paycheck without a state income tax! Lower housing expenses! We will be at most two hours from my parents house which means weekend visits can actually be weekend visits and not half day -now we have to get back on the road- visits. We are soo excited:-). Praise the Lord!


  1. THat is SOOO great!!! I am defiently happy to hear this news for you guys! can't wait to see pictures and hear stories from your new adventures!!!! congrats!

  2. So happy to see this news, Em! I'm sure you guys are very relieved and ready to get settled in the new place God has for your family. Hope everything goes smoothly with the move.

  3. Wahoo! I am soooo happy for you guys! Congratulations!