Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Becky's Adoption!

Mark and Becky have a way for us to help them bring their baby home from Ethiopia! I was so excited to see this morning that not only has Mark done an awesome awesome awesome job with remaking their website but they have come up with a great way to raise money for their adoption. There are an estimated 143 million children without forever homes worldwide. Their goal? Make it 143 million MINUS 1. I love you friend. I'm praying that your bags sell out before I can buy some! ASAP I will be buying my own set.. I love the reusable bags anyway. there are SOOOO many uses for a lightweight reusable shopping bag. Road trips, car trash, beach days, pool days, storing winter hats and gloves, library books, toy sorting, laundry sorting, transporting food to a sick friends house, transporting food to your own house. You know you need some.. and these are so much cooler because they don't say "Kroger" or "walmart" :-). Instead they give a message of hope. Imagine the conversations that can be started while you stand in line with your Adoption bags! Click HERE and check out the sidebar to see how you can help!

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