Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This blog carnival was created by Mcmama. Head on over to Mckmamas blog to check out hers and everyone elses too funny Not Me! Monday posts.

As for me. I did not give my two year old tin bits of chewing gum last night to keep him quiet during the baptism service at church. I would never give my two year old gum knowing he would swallow it. Ever. Nope. Not Me!

I did not gloat all weekend about scoring REALLY high on a specific game on facebook that my husband continually beats me at. I love and support my husband in all endeavours and would never celebrate the fact that I spent too much time trying to beat him at an online video game. Nope. Not Me!

I also have not consulted my magic eight ball several times today asking "will my husband get offered a job today?" "Will my husband get offered a job tomorrow?" "Thursday"? Nope I'm patient and calm in waiting on the Lord at all times. I also did not shake my magic eight ball (which happens to not be on an iphone) multiple times to get the answer I wanted to see.

I also did not curse under my breath when walking outside and getting sweaty this afternoon. Nope. I celebrate upper 80 degree temperatures in the middle of October. Who needs fall any way. Fall is for sissys who get to drink hot cider and take walks in crinkly leaves and wear sweaters. I would much rather swelter and enjoy my mud at a nice balmy 84. With 80 percent humidity. Good for the skin.

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